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    "Same Day" Service - Open at 8:30AM

    2 to 3 hours you will be back on the road like NEW!

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    Open Every Day - "LIFETIME" Warranty

    Miami Rim Repair, Coral Gables Rim Repair, Miami Beach Rim Repair and Curb Rash repair

    Rims like "NEW" range from $119 to $199

    OPEN DAILY at 8:30AM

    "Same Day" Appointments Available

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    Downtown Miami's ONLY Service Center to make Rims look NEW! located in the Brickell Area. Come on in.. We will have you completed within a few hours!


    Do you really want to trust your expensive rims to someone driving around in a old van with NO service location where you can go and see the quality of work completed? We offer "LIFETIME" NO Questions WARRANTY!


    What do we do?

    • Remove Scratches, Dings, Dents, Scuffs on your wheels and rims to make them look "NEW" again!
    • "Same Day" Service - 2-3 Hours you are back on the road again
    • Lifetime Warranty - No excuses unless you damage the rim again
    • Want your Silver rims changed to Black? We do that also... Like New!
    • Got Vossen Rims? We are specialists....

    Our "Proprietary" German Technology we use means we NEVER remove the rim from the vehicle or remove the tires. We have been Downtown Miami in the Brickell area for a long time and we have earned our reputation. We are the ONLY Professional Rim repair service Downtown Miami. Keep in mind, if your rims are LOSING air that is structural damage and we do not repair BENT RIMS.


    Enjoy ALL of our Services...

    Did you know? You get 50% OFF Platinum Detailing & Palermo Paint Treatment when completed at same time as rims...

    Professional Rim Restoration & Rim Repairs

    Full Auto Detailing including concrete & paint over-spray removal

    Professional Auto Tinting including 3M Premium, Ceramic, Carbon & Nano Films

    Miami's Best Hand Car Wash! We use Wool Wash Mitts and MicroFiber Towels


    Located at:

    Downtown Miami in the Brickell Area

    561 SW 8th Street (Corner of 8th Street/6th Ave)

    2 Blocks West of I-95 EASY on/off BOTH ways!

    Miami, FL 33130

    We are just a short 5 minute walk from Brickell's NEW City Centre Mall so you can stroll over while we repair your rim...


    CALL/TEXT - 305-710-3336


    8:30AM-6:30PM Daily Sunday Closed at 5PM


    We specialize in Vossen Rims, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Lexus, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Infiniti, Nissan, Honda, Alfa Romeo, Range Rover, Toyota, Aston Martin, Maserati, Mazda, Jaguar, Tesla and Cadillac Rim Repairs and Wheel Repairs from curb rash, dings, scratches, scuffs and minor damage!

    Hand Car Wash Miami Florida, Hand Car wash downtown Miami

    Sample of Our Quality Work...

    561 SW 8th Street - Miami (Brickell Area)

    (Corner of 8th St/6th Ave) 2 Blocks West of I-95

    OPEN Daily at 8:30AM

    CALL/TEXT 305-710-3336


    Here is a BMW rim brought in with terrible face damage. As you can see complete chunks of paint missing. Two Hours later, they were back driving the car with a brand new look and a lifetime warranty!


    We are known to be the best for a reason...

    rim repair miami

    Why Risk it?

    Downtown Miami's Best Rim Repair Restoration Service...

    "Same Day" Service CALL/TEXT 305-710-3336

    Email: Peyton@MiamiAutoSpa.com


    Would you really trust your rims to be repair by some stranger shows up and you have NO IDEA how to locate them or enforce your warranty if something goes wrong. Most of these so-called Rim repair companies also will paint your bumper in your driveway in like 15 minutes - can you imagine the quality of a service that can rig up your bumper in your driveway! Don't risk it....


    See why most auto dealerships and surely every luxury car dealer in Miami uses our Professional Rim Repair Services.

    Rim Repair Miami

    "A" Rated for Superior Service!

    Great Service, LIFETIME Warranty - What more can you ask for?

    Rims like "NEW" range from $119 to $199


    Nothing worse than spending good money only to find out later you got a "Shoddy" Job by someone you can't locate since they do NOT have a REAL LOCATION!

    We are just 2 BLOCKS WEST of I-95 at the corner of 8th Street & 6th Ave - Open Daily at 8:30AM


    CALL/TEXT - 305-710-3336

    Lifetime warranty on Rim Repairs in Miami

    "LIFETIME" Warranty!

    We are the ONLY company to offer a Warranty

    305-710-3336 - Rims like "NEW" range from $119 to $229


    Our "NO EXCUSES" Warranty covers everything unless you damage the rim again! Mike our Manager will be glad to review all details with you.


    auto detailing Miami, Palermo Paint treatment Miami

    Italy's Exotic Car Palermo Paint Treatment

    Exclusively at Miami Auto Spa

    "Same Day" Service available


    This is the finest paint treatment system available for exotic cars.


    50% OFF "Palermo Treatment" when completed at time of rim repair service!


    For that long lasting, luxurious shine for your car, try Italy's Palermo Professional Auto Polish with Nano-Resin! This product will leave your car with that incredible shine that lasts. It provides the best shine you always wanted with a 3D depth of shine you can’t get with other products. The newest Italian technology in paint look and protection has been made available in Miami here at Miami Auto Spa.


    Palermo Auto Polish Miami is the semi-permanent Nano-resin coating that has been specifically designed for providing the longest lasting car paint protection. This product is capable of effectively protecting the paintwork, leaving that mirror-like finish which beads liquids, dramatically enhances resistance to scratches and resists contaminants.


    Palermo Auto Polish Miami will bond to the paint of your car creating a chemical combination like nothing else in the market. The chemical reaction which takes place between Palermo's Professional Auto Polish and the car paint literally changes the structure of chemicals in the paint and now shares the glass and original paint properties. Oxidation, micro scratches and swirls are eliminated. The result will be a totally new formed kind of glass/print hybrid “Super Paint” which is more resilient and harder compared before.


    Palermo Auto Polish Miami treated paint comes with higher surface tightness and it triggers the water to sheet off rather than beading. Bird droppings, bugs & tree sap would not adhere to paint that has been treated with Palermo Professional Auto Polish here at Miami Auto Spa. Palermo Professional Auto Polish gives all of such benefits whilst producing the highest 3D depth of shine that cannot be achieved before. It is the reason why Palermo Professional Auto Polish is not just used by individual car collectors and enthusiasts, but as well by vintage motorcycle and car museums and the globe’s most popular professional custom car & motorcycle painters within the industry.


    Visit Miami Auto Spa to experience Italy's Palermo Auto Polish treatment. www.MiamiAutoSpa.com


    561 SW 8th Street - Miami, FL 33130 - 305-710-3336

    $399 Cars - $499 Large SUV's

    ***Ask about 50% OFF when getting your rims completed!

    Auto Detail Miami Florida, Car detailing Miami

    Miami's Best Auto Detailing

    561 SW 8th Street

    (Corner of 8th St/6th Ave) 2 Blocks West of I-95

    OPEN Daily at 8:30AM - 305-710-3336


    Did you KNOW?

    Any Platinum Detail #6 Service is 50% OFF when you have the service completed while your rims are being worked on.


    We are your "One Stop" Auto Spa for all Services.

    Hand Car Wash Miami Florida, Hand Car wash downtown Miami

    Miami's Best "Hand Car Wash"

    561 SW 8th Street (Corner of 8th St/6th Ave) 2 Blocks West of I-95

    OPEN Daily at 8:30AM



    Start your day at our Auto Spa, we are the ONLY Full Service "One Stop" Shop for Luxury Cars in the Brickell Area....



    Watch Our Short Video on Before/Afters....

    "Same Day" Service - Open at 8:30AM

    Call/Text Peyton 305-710-3336

    Open Every Day - "LIFETIME" Warranty


    Rims like "NEW" range from $119 to $199



    "Same Day" Service - Open at 8:30AM

    Call/Text Peyton 305-710-3336

    Open Every Day - "LIFETIME" Warranty


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    305-710-3336 - "Same Day" Service Available

    Corner of 8th Street & 6th Ave